Dissertation Services Zimbabwe is a dissertation consultancy company which offers services to university students who wish to carry out research for personal or academic purposes. We are the best place for dissertation students who need assistance in completing their dissertations or with editing, proof reading and data analysis aspects of their dissertation. Our consultants are experienced with Bachelors and Masters Dissertations as well as PhD Thesis writing. Our services include:

Academic Research Advisory

We offer coaching and consultancy services to ensure the production of an acceptable dissertation/thesis. Our dissertation consultants advise and mentor you to successfully select a topic, and develop and carry out a sound dissertation study. They will help you integrate feedback from your supervisor so that you appropriately address their concerns and ideas. We also help you proactively communicate with your supervisor and problem-solve any issues with them that may arise. We also offer assistance with assignments and any other academic work.

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Research design and data analysis

Our professional research consultants deliver first-class research design, data collection, data analysis, data presentationā€”and routinely go the extra mile for clients. Our professional consultants deliver solutions by presenting your research findings in a style suited to your content and purpose, engaging to your audience. We do this for businesses, institutions, students and anyone wishing to conduct research and come up with valid findings.

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Editing and Proofreading

We offer an integrated service which is tailored to meet the specific objectives of individual clients. We focus on making sure that your work communicates the desired message with the utmost accuracy. Our editors have years of experience in editing work in various field of research.

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Dissertation Services Zimbabwe Office 2, First Floor, IHK Building, 31 South Avenue, HarareĀ  Phone: 0774 924 186

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