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Dissertation topics prepared for you by Dissertation Services Zimbabwe. Because a good dissertation starts with a good topic we start holding your hand at this critical stage making sure you settle on a study area which can be covered comfortably. We also provide assistance with dissertation topics for all subjects and all levels. Because the dissertation is the only examination stage in your degree where you actually set your own question getting a pass is entirely dependent on the decisions you make from the onset. Therefore, there is absolutely no point for you to set yourself a dissertation topic which is difficult.

You just need to come up with a decent presentation and pass your degree. Besides, that outstanding research which will have people talking for generations can always come after you graduate. Most importantly, make sure you choose a topic which is based on a subject you understand and which also involves data which is accessible to you. Check on the topics listed on our site and see if you like one of the topics. The topics were created with a specific context but you can also adjust the topic to fit your specific context for the location where you can conveniently conduct your research.




Banking and finance

Change management

Climate change

Corporate social responsibility

Development studies



Human resource management

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 

Journalism and Media Studies 

Logistics management

Marketing management


Quantity surveying


Social Work 

Strategic management

Supply chain management


We can also provide personalised assistance to come up with your dissertation topics. Our team of professionals will work with you to come up with a topic which you can easily work on to come up with a passing dissertation.

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