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Dissertation topics in banking and finance

There are numerous developments and challenges which occur in the world of banking and finance which can result in a very good and contemporary dissertation topic.  You can choose one of the following dissertation topics in banking and finance and adjust it to your context.

  1. The impact of plastic money on the financial performance of commercial banks in Zimbabwe

The adoption of plastic money in Zimbabwe has been accelerated by the shortage of cash. Due to shortages of cash, electronic payments became an absolute necessity rather than a payments option. Commercial banks were also literally forced to roll out the service in quick time. Sometimes they did this without the usual caution which accompanies the introduction of new products and services, thereby carrying substantial risk. Transaction failures and other system failure have been a challenge for the use of plastic money in Zimbabwe. Furthermore, government stepped in by putting a limit on the fees which banks can charge for electronic payments. This study seeks to assess the impact of plastic money on the financial performance of the banks. The study engages bank management and employees  to determine how plastic money has affected various measures of financial performance.

  1. Constraints to the development of a fully-fledged micro-finance market in Zimbabwe
  2. The awareness of micro-finance in developing economies and its impact
  3. The relationship with equity price and performance for the banking industry in Zimbabwe
  4. Financial services to the rural population: a study on the role of retail banks in Zimbabwe
  5. An evaluation of the role and performance of Zimbabwean capital markets as an alternative source to bank finance
  6. The marketing of internet banking services in the Zimbabwean banking industry: Analysis, discussion and recommendations
  7. Contribution of pension funds in the development of capital markets in Zimbabwe
  8. The impact of pension fund investments on economic development in Zimbabwe
  9. Evolution of risk management strategies in Zimbabwean derivative markets since dollarisation in 2009
  10. Evaluate of the significance of liquidity risk management and credit supply in the financial markets in Zimbabwe

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