The field of developing studies is one of the fastest growing, with many initiatives underway to protect and improve livelihoods. Since it is focused on bringing new improvements and transferring initiatives from one part of the globe to the other there are numerous controversies and questions which still need to be investigated. A development studies dissertation topic therefore opens doors to an exciting dissertation on a contemporary topic with practical significance. You may choose one of teh following topics and adjust it to suit your location/context.

  1. Assessing the impact of food aid on education development: A case study of the government’s school feeding programme in Zimbabwe
  2. An evaluation of disaster risk reduction – a focus on the role of agricultural schemes in curbing food insecurity
  3. An asset based approach to disaster risk reduction – A case study of food security in …….district
  4. Effectiveness of current interventions to gender-based violence: as case study of …… district
  5. Coping mechanisms of city residents in a sudden onset of water supply breakdown: Case of Harare
  6. The current limits of Disaster Risk Reduction intervention: a case study of Harare, Zimbabwe
  7. Resilience in disaster management – the impact of poverty on disaster risk reduction, a case study from …… district, Zimbabwe
  8. Disaster preparedness in the health sector in Harare, Zimbabwe
  9. Drought and rural livelihoods in …….. district: exposing local coping strategies
  10. An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Framework for Diarrhoeal Diseases in Rural Areas of Zimbabwe – The Case of ………. District

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