Dissertation topics in strategic management

The area of strategic management offers the opportunity to come up with an interesting dissertation with a contemporary topic. You may adjust any of the following dissertation topics in strategic management to suit your context or location.

Identification of barriers to implement strategic decisions: Evidence from hotels in Zimbabwe

The purpose of this study is to examine potential barriers to the implementation of strategic decisions in hotels located in Zimbabwe. Empirical data will be collected from questionnaires given to managers from  hotels in Zimbabwe. The study will also identify the most and least important barriers related to hotel performance and operation time. Furthermore, the study will also extract factors driving the implementation of strategic decisions. The research will investigate relationships between specific factors and performance indicators.

The Strategic Management Process and the Innovative Capacity of the Zimbabwean Hotel Industry

This study will analyse the relationships between strategic management processes and innovation in hotel organizations in Zimbabwe. It will also assess the influence of the level of innovation on competitive advantage and organizational performance. The theoretical positioning is based on the resource and capability-based approach, within the field of strategic management.

Strategic Management Practices in The Hotel Industry of Zimbabwe

The subject of strategic management has been studied for many decades. However, theoretical and empirical investigations of the strategic management area in the developing countries   has   remained   limited.   This   research explores   strategic   management practices in the hotel industry of a developing country, namely Zimbabwe. It will also identify whether there are differences in the strategic management practices on the basis of size, ownership, and planning systems.

The effect of firm objectives on strategic management practice in the Zimbabwean hospitality and tourism sector

Firms in the hospitality and tourism sector generally pursue different sets of objectives as this is an industry in which niching is common. This study will analyse how the strategic management practises are affected by the firm’s objectives. The study also analyses the salience of  different classes of objectives for setting the strategic direction of the firm.

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