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Marketing Dissertation Topic 1: The impact of advertising and its impact on alcohol consumption among young people


Reports show that there is an increase not only of alcohol consumption, but alcohol abuse by young people. This is despite that, there are set limits of minimum age for drinking. However, with current technology, it is not possible to limit alcohol adverts to a particular target market. Because of modern technology, impressionable young people are bombarded daily with advertisements for alcohol which glamourise it.  Alcohol can be considered to be contributing to the increase in alcohol consumption among young people. However, alcohol producers resist any increase in the regulation of their advertising practices. This study seeks to determine the impact of advertising and its impact on alcohol consumption by young people.

Marketing Dissertation Topic 2: The Influence of Advertising on Consumer Behaviour: Case of hotels in Zimbabwe


Companies invest large sums of money annually to fund advertising campaigns which are meant to influence consumers to change their behavior. Their intention is for the consumers to increase their consumption of their companies’ product and services. However, advertising campaign have to be conducted in such a manner that they are indeed capable of having an effect on the targeted consumers to obtain the desired behaviour. In some cases advertising campaigns however fail to get the desired change in consumer behaviour. This represents a waste of the vast resources which are poured into advertising campaigns by companies. Because of the importance which is attached to advertising in the commercial world it is important to assess whether the desired results are obtaining. This study can be done as a case study focussing on a sector in which competitors are making intense use of advertising to try and beat the competition.

  1. Effectiveness of Marketing Communication Tools on Consumer Decision to take Credit Cards
  2. The Impact of Social Media on Customer Purchase Decisions
  3. Consumer Loyalty in Retail – An Investigation into Loyalty Schemes
  4. The Effects of Internal Marketing in the Zimbabwean Hotel Industry
  5. The Impact of Social Media Campaigns on a Brands Image: A Perceptual Analysis Exploring the Attitudes of Consumers
  6. An Exploration into the Influence of Branding On Consumers and Their Purchasing Decisions
  7. Evaluating Determinants of Customer Satisfaction and Their Impact on Customer Repurchase Intention
  8. The Impact of Promotional Mix Elements on Consumers Purchasing Decisions
  9. A Study on the Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing on Sales in Retail Industry

Relationship marketing topics

  1. The role of interactive media in relationship marketing
  2. The creation of customer loyalty: A qualitative research of the …… industry in Zimbabwe
  3. Customer relationship management: Effectiveness of customer relationship management systems in the sales process
  4. Effectiveness of relationship marketing bonding tactics in predicting customer loyalty
  5. Relationship Marketing Model: The Effect of Emotion on Relationship Between Hoteliers and Customers of Five Star Hotels in Bangladesh
  6. Relationship marketing communication case study: Communication between distribution brokers and insurers
  7. Analysis of the challenges of Implementing Relationship Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Zimbabwe
  8. The impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty in the airline industry
  9. Effectiveness of relationship marketing bonding tactics in predicting market share
  10. Relationship marketing: an evaluation of trustworthiness within the private healthcare sector in Zimbabwe
  11. The Impact of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty in the Banking Sector
  12. An investigation into customer loyalty and relationship marketing: Case of the Zimbabwean telecommunication sector
  13. The Application of Relationship Marketing to Construction
  14. A critical evaluation of relationship marketing in the media industry in Zimbabwe
  15. Relationship marketing for SMEs in Zimbabwe
  16. Exploring the concepts and practices of relationship marketing within Zimbabwean
  17. Banks
  18. Relationship Marketing in Australian Professional Sport: An Organisational Perspective
  19. Effect of customer relationship marketing on performance in the banking industry in Zimbabwe:
  20. Relationship marketing in agribusiness: a case study
  21. Effect of relationship marketing on customer relationship satisfaction and loyalty

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