Dissertation topics in quantity surveying

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  1. Information technology and competitive strategies within the Zimbabwean construction industry
  2. The role of knowledge management in the Zimbabwean construction industry
  3. Effective design control policies and achievement of goals of projects in the construction industry
  4. Building and construction modelling: Challenges and opportunities for quantity surveyors in Zimbabwe
  5. A comparative review of the building and quantity surveying professions in the context of the sustainable construction industry
  6. Impact of strategic management practices on the performance of quantity surveying firms in Zimbabwe
  7. An evaluation of quantity surveyors’ perception of risk management techniques in construction projects
  8. Barriers for utilisation of nontraditional cost estimating methods and the role of quantity surveyors
  9. Importance of health and safety implementation motivators in Zimbabwe
  10. Analysis of the perceived effects of prevalent errors in contract documents on construction projects
  11. Evaluating the role of quantity surveyors in sustainable infrastructure development
  12. Assessment of information technology use at pre-contract stage of building
  13. Effectiveness of insurance as a risk management tool in construction projects
  14. An assessment of the Zimbabwean Construction Industry’s readiness to adopt value
  15. The effect of technology in the field of quantity surveying in Zimbabwe

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