Dissertation topics on  technology

People in the world today devote a lot of focus on technology, its use and the way it has changed our lives. By selecting dissertation topics on technology  the student deals with a contemporary topic. There is also the possibility of making practical contribution from their findings.

Adoption of cloud computing by SMEs in Zimbabwe

Organisations of all sizes now understand the importance of recording and storing information . As a result they now recognise cloud computing  as a very important tool for organisational functions. Cloud computing mainly helps smaller organisations to outsource their information technology. The real advantage of the cloud is that it lets businesses rethink how they set up their IT. They also need to rethink what their budget is and this let them focus more on what truly matters. (Forbes, 2013). This study seeks to explore how SMES are adopting cloud computing and the reasons for the adoption. The researcher will administer questionnaires  in a cross-sectional survey targeting SMEs.

The impact of media technologies on the development of teenagers

Due to developments in media technologies teenagers have ready access to various forms of media technology at low cost. They can now afford to access media technologies without anyone being able to restrict what they access. This exposes the teenagers to various forms of media which can shape their values and principles in a sustainable or temporal manner. This study seeks to determine the impact of media technologies on the development of teenagers. A cross-sectional survey is used to engage parents, guardians and teachers of teenagers. Key informant interviews are also conducted with organisations which deal with teenagers at all levels.

The challenges of using e-commerce in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has adopted e-commerce to a reasonable extent but however still lags behind the developed world. The circumstances in which e-commerce became widely accepted are unique. This is because the economy faces serious shortages of local currency as well as foreign currency. Foreign currencies need to be embraced but factors such as the lack of an exchange rate hampers the process. E-commerce in Zimbabwe therefore has not progressed as smoothly as some other countries. This study seeks to explore the challenges of using ecommerce in Zimbabwe and come up with strategies to deal with them. The study will engage customers and retailers.

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