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Social Work Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topics in social work. You can choose one of these dissertation topics and contextualise it for your selected study area. It is important to apply the research topic to a study area where there is evidence of the research problem so that you can come up with a valid study. Before choosing a topic, you must also consider the issue data availability, i.e. whether you will be able to have access to your intended respondents. For ethical, policy or other reasons this may prove difficult or impossible. It may be prudent to contact the organisations involved to get prior clearance before you take up the topic.

  1. Factors contributing to recidivism of adult male offenders in Zimbabwe’s open prisons
  2. Parents’ participation in the implementation of diversion programmes: Suggestions for probation practice
  3. The influence of the family and school in the development of the boy child’s behavioural conduct
  4. The experiences, challenges and coping strategies of fathers, parenting children, abusing illegal substances: Suggestions for social work support
  5. Rendering services within the employee assistance programme (EAP) in the Church related hospitals in Zimbabwe: Views and experiences of social workers
  6. The collaborative role of social workers and homeless people in addressing the welfare of street children
  7. Child and youth care workers’ knowledge and perceptions of and challenges related to attachment difficulties experienced by children residing in children’s homes: Suggestions for social work support
  8. The challenges experienced by adoptive parents in the adoption of orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe: A social work perspective
  9. Factors contributing to the neglect and abuse of foster children in Zimbabwean society: Social workers’ perspectives and suggestions
  10. The experiences, challenges and coping strategies of women residing around the mining communities: The case of Zimplats
  11. Tertiary students’ experiences and needs related to unplanned pregnancies: Practice guidelines for psychosocial support
  12. The utilisation of the continuum of care for treatment of persons with a substance use disorder: Service providers’ and service users’ experiences and perceptions
  13. Social work services for child-headed households in Zimbabwe: Case of Hatcliffe

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