Entrepreneurship dissertation topics

It is possible for you to get a lot of marks in your dissertation on entrepreneurship only if you choose the right topic. The selection of dissertation topics is always a challenge for so many students, so let’s try and show you a number of simple topic areas that you can work with right here. Pay more attention to how easy it is to structure some of these topics, and ensure that you are able to focus on them, and learn how to do this on your own, at least for future reference.

A study to determine the impact of technological advancement on entrepreneurship in an organization

The study will be aimed at providing information as to whether technological advancements have an impact in the field of entrepreneurship. The study will also point out some of the technological means that have a positive impact on the levels of enhancing entrepreneurship in an organization.

An exposition on the impact of government policies on entrepreneurial activities in a given country

This study will aim at determining if the government policies embraced in a given country have an impact on the entrepreneurial activities in a given country. By conducting this study, some of the policies that might be having an impact on entrepreneurship will be pointed out. We have experts that are paid to write entrepreneurship research paper topics, professionals you can hire to assist you with more research topic examples on entrepreneurship.

A case study to determine the impact of gender on developing entrepreneurial skills

This study will aim at determining if gender disparity has an impact when it comes to developing entrepreneurial skills. By conducting this study, it will be possible to determine which of the two genders exhibit better entrepreneurial skills than the other.

An exploration of the determinants of entrepreneurial innovation in an organization

This study will help in determining some of the factors that affect entrepreneurial innovation in an organization. Through the conduction of this study, it will be possible to determine how each of the factors acts as a determinant of entrepreneurial innovation in an organization.

An investigation of the role of entrepreneurship in the economic development of a country

The aim of this research will be to determine if entrepreneurship plays a role in determining the economic development of a country. After carrying out this research, it will be possible to determine how entrepreneurship affects the economic development of a country.

An exploration of the impact of inculcating entrepreneurship education in schools in developing entrepreneurship skills

This study will involve determining if including entrepreneurship in schools helps the students in developing entrepreneurship skills. Following this study, the impact of the effectiveness of the inclusion of this study in promoting entrepreneurship in the country will be identified.

Capturing the strategic pivot: Identifying the performance outcomes of new venture pivots

Although pivoting is one of the most recognizable and highly taught subjects in entrepreneurship, relatively little empirical work has been done to establish the causal impact that it has on new venture performance. This study seeks to identify the performance outcomes which result from new venture pivots.

The case for humble and narcissistic leadership: creative self-efficacy and idea generation in entrepreneurial settings

Based on social-cognitive theory and a paradox perspective, this dissertation explores how leader narcissism and leader humility together moderate the influence of domain-specific self-efficacy on the type-specific innovative performance.

Opportunity Recognition: A Contingency Framework of Individual Attributes, Time Pressure, and Uncertainty

This dissertation clarifies individual differences in opportunity recognition as a precursor to starting a new business using a contingency perspective.

Understanding and Adapting to Crowd Behavior: A Study of Wireless Networks and Entrepreneurial Crowdfunding

The advances of the future will demand scholars have a systemic vision to solve problems. Integration across disciplines is needed to study, explain, inquire and discover beyond the traditional borders of academic areas.

The Influence of Director Human Social Capital and Firms’ Entrepreneurial Orientation on Corporate Entrepreneurship

This dissertation explores the link between corporate governance and corporate entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial Search, Innovation, and Initiative: The Stage, Network, and Level Analysis

Drawing on the lean startup model, network theory, institutional theory, learning theory, and symbiosis view, this dissertation examines three important issues of entrepreneurship.

Institutions, Entrepreneurship, and Microfinance Institutions

This dissertation focuses on the interface between social ventures, particularly microfinance institutions, and their institutions.

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