Dissertation topics in supply chain management

Some dissertation topics in supply chain management from Dissertation Services Zimbabwe.

Key academic research areas in SCM are offering robust and implementable supply chain management thesis that are transforming worldwide trends. The increasing strength of global Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one functional area that shows several students are seeking a good start, especially in solving significant problems in the form of dissertations.

Nevertheless, with the changing trends in the industry, some students are likely to struggle with the early stages of academic writing. A significant reason for this problem is usually down to a lack of ideas or facing new topics with low research activity.

The supply chain systems of today are more likely to see massive changes technologically in the coming years. Some selected supply chain management thesis topics may face limited data or access to real-time data in making proper research and forecast, including seasonality and trends. So, due diligence is necessary to ensure you not only pick an exciting supply chain management thesis, but you also have sufficient access to data, studies, and materials useful in such an area. The impact of these trends alongside technological advancement in the selected areas would certainly help your thesis stand out and unique.

1. Evaluation of technology use in modern supply chain management.
2. The extension of supply chain resilience through Industry 4.0
3. The Impact of Industry 4.0 on supply chain management.
4. Implementation of E-logistics in Supply Chain Operations.
5. Risk Evaluation and Management involved in a supply chain
6. Partnerships Perspective in Supply Chain Management
7. Assessing Supply Chain Risk Management Capabilities
8. Implementation of Green Supply Chain Management Practices
9. Supply Chain Management Practices and Supply Chain Performance Effectiveness
10. The Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on the Overall Performance of the organisation
11. The Influence of Environmental Management Practices and Supply Chain Integration on Technological Innovation Performance
12. The Relationship between Total Quality Management Practices and their Effects on Firm Performance
13. Level of Commitment to Top Management regarding the TQM Implementation
14. Impact of Mobility Solutions (transportation / latest technologies) on logistics.
15. Study on the roles of supply chain management in corporate outsourcing.

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