How dissertations differ from other assignments

Here are some of  the differences between dissertations and other university written assignments by comparing dissertations to reports. A dissertation may have many features of a report (including an abstract) and usually requires continuous prose in most sections. Both require analytical and critical reading and writing, and new material or approaches that you’ve created to test out theories, hypotheses or methodologies.

The differences between dissertations and other academic assignments as:

  1. Independence in respect of the nature and scope of the work.
  2. Personal commitment and involvement in the task.
  3. Time and task management to structure progress.
  4. Self-management and motivation to keep going.
  5. Literature searches are more extensive.
  6. Presentation; grammar, punctuation, binding all need time and attention to detail.

Whilst these clearly apply to other forms of written assignment, it is the extent, scope and depth that characterise a typical dissertation.

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